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Nepal | For Mountain Sports You’ll find some of the tallest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest, in Nepal. Climb some of the world’s tallest mountains. Take a mountain biking excursion. Go trekking to enjoy the views. If mountain sports are your thing, this might be the adventure travel destination for you.
The Amazon Rainforest | Riverboat Tours If you want a bit of mystery in your adventure tour, there’s nothing more mysterious than the Amazon rainforest. Surround yourself with unusual wildlife, or interact with communities and unfamiliar cultures as you travel by boat down the Amazon River.
Egypt | An Expedition Cruise of the Nile If you want to take river excursions on a more historical tour, consider the Nile River. You can take in Egypt’s wonders while exploring one of the most famous rivers in the world. If history excites you and you want to adventure without the sport, this less physical trip might be your perfect adventure tour.
Peru | The Inca Trail Connect with nature and connect with the past when you take a trekking adventure on the Inca Trail in Peru.

Make your way to the ruins of Machu Picchu after enjoying days on foot exploring the beautiful natural landscape.

New Zealand | A Bit of Everything If you want a little more diversity in your adventure travel, it’s hard to go wrong with New Zealand. It offers a little bit of everything, from snorkeling and swimming with dolphins to exploring volcanoes or spelunking in local caves.

A top nightlife scene in New Zealand, Hamilton has many drawcards for backpackers. Whether it’s a quick night’s stay checking out the Hamilton Gardens and Waikato Museum or sticking around for work as part of your working holiday, you’re going to need to find cheap accommodation in Hamilton.

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