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Kiran has always been a fighter. She was one of the girls armed with an engineering degree from a class full of young men. After that, she never looked back and went to work with a multinational software giant. She was working in IT when tragedy struck. While traveling in a train, a thief tried to snatch her bag. Kiran, who tried to grab her bag, was thrown onto the tracks. He lost his leg. She was only about getting back on feet and adjusting to life with prosthetics, when a doctor made fun of her by saying, “It’s not like you’re going to run again. she did Baby Steps with Carbon Blade for a full year before running her first half marathon. Lia and India’s first female blade runner.

Key moments

I fell in the bathroom due to unbearable pain in the leg. I went to the doctor for a consultation and they found that during the operation the staples were used to seal my skin. He said, it was not a big deal because it was not like I was going to walk. I was shocked and angry. That day I made up my mind. Today, I am India’s first female blade runner.

We know about the following places

Running has made me stronger than before… even when I had both legs. Before the accident, I had not imagined that I could even run 10 km. Now with just one leg I can run a marathon.

Mantra to live
I will keep running and keep fighting.

Will you meet others
Losses and failures are temporary. Do not let them break your soul.

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